Friday, January 7, 2011

Dude, If You Want To Repeal Health Care Start With Your Own!!!

I have always said that Republicans are some of the most hypocritical people out there. And that goes for Conservatives also (but not all). Take, for example, a little Arkansas fear monger some of my other Facebook friends know. He hates big Government and handouts by our Government. He is one of those who think that people on welfare, unemployment insurance and other subsidies will never want to find work and depend on the help the rest of their lives. Now if he lived his own life with this philosophy I would respect that, but here is the kicker.......HE IS RECEIVING SOCIAL SECURITY DISABILITY!!!! The Paranoid Hypocritical Douche receives money from my tax dollars while turning a hateful eye to those in the same boat he is sailing in.

Now he isn't the only one. Those same Republicans on Congress who want to repeal Heath Care Reform need to get off the Government program they receive. Hey a-holes, remember the 'ol "If you don't like this country then leave" slogan you invented? Why don't you do the same with Health Care. Most of you can afford it unlike many Americans.

PS, Click on RED.....

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