Monday, January 31, 2011

Dude, Being Tough On Crime Has A Price

Republican lawmakers who ran on a "tough on crime" platform are now trying to find ways to pay for it. I have a one solution, legalize cannabis. They have another, let offenders out early.

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Dude, Where Are The Job Creation Bills?

Right now there are 28 bills in Congress to repeal the Patient Protection Act and not one to help create jobs........

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Dude, Do We Really Have To Drill EVERYWHERE?

I support oil and gas exploration but there has to be a limit. We also need to think about the environment God has provided.

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Dude, We Have Guests Coming, Don't Act Like A Bunch Of Pansies.

So here comes another cold front to North Texas and with it a 100% chance of precipitation. At least that is what WFAA's Steve McCauley said last night. You see, most of the time they are wrong or the "horror" of the event is why over done. So Tuesday night we could have a weather event that paralyzes the area......or not.

Now coming with the cold weather are Green Bay and Pittsburgh fans to see their teams in the stadium Jerry Jones built. To them this type of weather is nothing. Heck, I bet  the "Cheese Heads" even bitch that the outdoor swimming pools in the area hotels are not open. They wear shorts in this stuff! So we have to "buck up" and not whine and cry about it. We are supposed to be tough Texans. Remember J.R.? Remember the Alamo? OK, we lost the Alamo but my point is I don't want to hear these Yankees laughing at us about a little ice. It's embarrassing, especially when I see these dorks in big cowboy hats and big pickup trucks going down I-30 sideways crying, "I coming to play on your team in heaven Coach Landry!!"

Please, I have live here too. We are Texans, lets act like it.

Dude, Some Sunday Gospel For Ya From The 5th Beatle

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Dude, In 1925 A Black Man Was Lynched In Price, Utah

As a lot of you know I grew up in Utah, a small community called Carbon County. I was born in Price (that's where the hospital was) and my home was in Helper. Carbon County was full of coal mines and the Rio Grand Railroad. The coal mined there and the Rio Grand that transported it to Geneva Steel 70 miles north in Vineyard, Utah helped the war effort in the Pacific during WWII. I am very proud of that fact and that my ancestors were a part of it.

But there is one thing I am not proud of.

In 1925 the last known Black man to be lynched in the Western United States was done so in Price. Witnesses at the time said that Robert Marshall shot a guard five times and others said he didn't. Either way he never got a fair trial. The 11 suspects arrested for the lynching were released because no one would identify them even though over 1,000 people showed up, some with picnic lunches.

Today there are those in Carbon County who get pissed off when this is brought up. Even back in 1998 when the New York Times did a story on the event Sun Advocate publisher Kevin Ashby called the reconciliation ceremony planned that year a slap in the face to the community by making Marshall a "a martyr out of a murderer.''  Wow, 73 years later and people were still lynching him.

Look, there are some things that you can't cover up and forget. This is just one of them.

(Thanks to my sister Brenda for the New York Times link that you can view by clicking RED.)

Friday, January 28, 2011

Dude, I Can Predict The Future!!! Or Is It Already Happening?

The Republicans will try to give credit to George W. Bush for the uprisings in the Middle East because he invaded Iraq and supposedly spread Democracy. 

Dude, Challenger Anniversary And The Republican Canonization Of Reagan

On January 28th 1986 I was on my way to morning classes at a small community
college where I grew up. That's what I was doing when the Challenger Shuttle blew
up shortly after launch. Seven Astronauts died that day including school teacher Christa

Now my friend Ricky Stevens reminded myself and his other Facebook friends
about the tragedy and wondered if we remembered what we were doing when
we heard the news. Of Course, one of his undaunting Conservative friends stated
that he felt McAuliffe was just a "publicity prop" but that Reagan's announcement
of the event was what he remembered favorably. Here is the line that makes every
Republican cry;

The crew of the space shuttle Challenger honored us by the manner in 
which they lived their lives. We will never forget them, nor the last time we 
saw them, this morning, as they prepared for their journey and waved 
good-bye and "slipped the surly bonds of earth" to "touch the face of God."

Now that is some pretty good stuff I will admit. However, I wonder why Reagan 
gets a pass for putting up the "publicity prop". It was 1986 and he was a year 
into his second term. Do you think Obama would get the same pass or would 
his Administration be accused of using a unqualified person to bolster the space 

Now let me make this clear, I don't think Christa was over her head. She pasted 
the tests that all astronauts have to and she trained with them. To me she was just 
as capable as any of the scientists on the shuttle and would have been a great 
ambassador to our nation's school children, encouraging them to seek careers 
in science. A "publicity prop"? Hardly.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Dude, The founding Fathers Did Not Free Slaves And Russia Did Not Win The Space Race!!


Michele Bachmann and Sarah Palin are a couple of winners aren't they? I an getting so sick and tired of these two idiots trying to rewrite history. This just proves what type of politicians America is voting into office and why as a country we are screwed.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Dude, Dr Love Is Getting A Key To Dallas!!

The Super Bowl coming to our part of Texas brings with it a lot of other happenings. Word has it that the God Of Thunder, Gene Simmons will be getting a key to the city of Dallas next week. Lick it up!

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Dude, Michele Bachmann IS A Balloon Head.

Sometimes Chris Mathews frustrates me to no end but most of the time he gets it right. He has never really admitted that he made Michele Bachmann a star two years ago when he got her to state that we should make sure that ever member of Congress loves America. Thank you Chris.

Last night he had Tea Party Express (who was sponsoring Bachmann's response to the State of the Union address) founder Sal Russo on Hardball. To say it was entertaining is an understatement.

Dude, A State Gun? A State Cooking Pot? Seriously?


Never mind the fact they are discussing to have an official State gun of Utah but why the need? Utah and other states put way too much emphasis on this stupid crap. A state tree, song, bird....fine, but a State COOKING POT? Plus they are wasting time on this when there are serious problems with the state budget and economy. These people are elected and paid by the tax payer to debate and vote on this. Idiots.

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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Dude, The Same Old Bulls@#t.

Mike Gallagher - Original Conservative Doofus

Dude, The Same Old Bulls@#t. Not from President Obama, I haven't even really had a chance to take the speech in yet, but from the critics. He could have had the cure for cancer in one hand and the little baby Jesus in the other and they still wouldn't be happy. 

Oh well, they are probably trying to be cool and hip for their other Conservative Facebook friends because at this time of night we all get lonely and need a little comment attention.

Dude, Don't Let Facebook Freak You Out About Privacy

For my paranoid friends.

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Dude, Before You Eat "South Of The Border" Read This.

An Alabama law firm is taking Taco Bell to court over the contents of it's "seasoned ground meat".  Mainly the fact that it only contains 35% beef.

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Monday, January 24, 2011

Dude, Another Case Of "F@#k The Little Guy" (You And I).

From the Huffington Post;

"Since the government took over Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, taxpayers have spent more than $160 million defending the mortgage finance companies and their former top executives in civil lawsuits accusing them of fraud. The cost was a closely guarded secret until last week, when the companies and their regulator produced an accounting at the request of Congress.

The bulk of those expenditures — $132 million — went to defend Fannie Mae and its officials in various securities suits and government investigations into accounting irregularities that occurred years before the subprime lending crisis erupted. The legal payments show no sign of abating.

Documents reviewed by The New York Times indicate that taxpayers have paid $24.2 million to law firms defending three of Fannie’s former top executives: Franklin D. Raines, its former chief executive; Timothy Howard, its former chief financial officer; and Leanne Spencer, the former controller."

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Dude, Keith Olbermann Has Quit.

That's right. At the end of his show last night Keith announced he was leaving MSNBC. Word has it that Bill O'Reilly celebrated by squeezing the head of a mouse in a paganistic "Thank You" ritual to the Voodoo Gods of Cable Punditry.

There are no details why Olbermann has left but he wasn't exactly in love with his bosses and they in return didn't exactly care much for him either.

..........and the world keeps on spinning.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Dude, Some Truths About Health Care Reform

I find this to be a very good site for cutting through the BS. Here is what they found concerning the Health Care Debate.

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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Dude, Republican Revisionist History On Race

Whenever racism is brought up Republicans like to point out that the Democrats were racists in the South before the Civil Rights movement, and they are right. What they fail to realize or conveniently forget on purpose is that all those racist Democrats became Republicans. President Johnson was right when he said that after the Civil Rights Bill was passed the Democratic Party would lose the South.

Dude, When Bernie Sanders Speaks We Need To Listen

Always good to read some of Bernie Sanders' thoughts. He is probably the only Independent I would vote for. 

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Dude, Glenn Beck Does Not Like Philly, "Philadelphia sucks."

A special thanks to my friend Beardo for this tidbit. Not only has Glenn Beck been dropped from his New York station but he has also been dropped (along with Sean Hannity) from a station in Philadelphia. He is not happy about that. You would think that he would at least have a little love for the city that he broadcast from 8 years ago helping him achieve the success he now enjoys. And also, is this how a so-called lover of peace and mutual respect reacts? You tell me.

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Dude, How The Republicans Play Politics

I knew this would happen sooner or later. I know it has happened before I was born but lets talk about the bullshit the GOP has put out there. First there is the "Reagan ended the Cold War" stretch. Then the almost as laughable "Clinton's great economy was as a result of Reagan's 'Trickle Down Economics'". We also had the "Clinton's surplus really wasn't a surplus at all." And the latest, the failure of the world economy is the fault of a Gay Representative from Massachusetts. It doesn't matter that the Republicans owned Congress for 12 years and the Government as a whole for half of that. Do you see a pattern?

Taking credit for things and distancing yourself from failure is a corporate mindset that has been around since the first cave man who was in charge of the food supply fucked it all up and blamed the lady folk for cooking to much of it. Seriously. Now the Republicans, who before the reset button was pushed earlier this month were crying that the economy was in a tailspin are saying its on an upswing and they are the reason.........WTF? Are you serious? The party of "NO" who would not even pass bills they sponsored, bills that would help the unemployed, bills that would give much needed benefits to 9/11 first responders and bills that would put people back to work are saying THEY are the reason that job growth is on the raise. 

Like I said at the beginning of this post I am not surprised. Its been done before but the Democratic leadership needs to respond, we can't do it all ourselves. 

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Dude, Is The Problem With Gun Control A Lack Of Education On How To Handle One?

At a southern California High School today a kid dropped his back pack and the loaded gun he had in it went off. First thing I thought was "Don't keep one in the chamber" or, "Ever heard of the safety, idiot?" Most folks today buy guns without really knowing how to handle them, how to load them and if you watch gang members, how to aim a gun period. A person should be required to take a gun course before they are able to buy a gun. It makes common sense.

Dude, The Reality Of The individual Mandate And Healthcare

"There isn't anything wrong with it, except some people look at it as an infringement upon individual freedom. But when it comes to states requiring it for automobile insurance, the principle then ought to lie the same way for health insurance, because everybody has some health insurance costs, and if you aren't insured, there's no free lunch. Somebody else is paying for it. I believe that there is a bipartisan consensus to have individual mandates." -- Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) June 14, 2009

That was over a year and a half ago, before Sen. Grassley changed his mind in a pretty quick fashion. And he made a very good point that not one person who is against the mandate will admit.....I mean the argument stops right in its tracks when I pose it....Who is going to pay for your care when you don't have the insurance or resources? ME, that's who, the American taxpayer. Those who oppose the mandate will not seriously talk about that because the truth is as plain as day.

Joe, Don't Feel Sorry For Me.......

Joe, don't feel sorry for me. I'm doing just fine. I'm not a hypocrite whose company *I* work for benefited from government bailouts yet I rail against them. I'm not some paranoid hypocrite from the backwoods who rails against those who get Government benefits while receiving Social Security Disability as well. Don't worry about MY church or how I make a living. My conscious AND my Soul is clear.....

Dude, Even Former Republican Speech Writers Are Saying Palin Needs To "Stop Talkin"

Fellow Republican and former speech writer for President George W Bush, David Frum is even saying that Sarah Palin needs to "stop talking now". Her appearance on the Sean Hannity show did her no favors even with Sean cradling her in his arms and giving her light kisses on the cheek.

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Monday, January 17, 2011

Dude, Dallas City Mayor Tom Leppert Is An Ass.

I just got done reading Robert Wilonsky's interview with outgoing Dallas mayor Tom Leppert and I can't help but get a little pissed. He has put this city deep in debt and got his rich north Dallas friends who got him elected everything they wanted on a platter. Check it out and feel the "Kiss my ass" attitude this jerk is putting down.

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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Dude, Somebody Actually Wrote This On FaceBook......

This was in response to someone who wondered how lawmakers could decide who got certain guns and large capacity clips. I was floored yet not surprised at this response, especially since there are folks out there who would be very happy with the NRA taking over our Government.

"How about a person who wants to buy a high capacity magazine or automatic weapon appear before a panel of Life Members of the NRA with at least 20 years membership. They would question him or her on his need for such an item and have approval or denial authority. The time requirement would be a safeguard against zealots on either side from getting on to a panel and influencing the decision one way or another."

Dude, James Carville Speaks His Mind On Bill Maher Last Night!

A great open to Bill Maher's new season last night and as usual James Carville does not disappoint. 

"There’s ten 'birthers' in the House of Representatives.  So they ask the Speaker, they said, do you believe Obama was born in the United States?  He said, I do.  And they say, so what about these ten people?  He said, it’s not my job to tell them what to do.  Of course that’s your job!  You have a whip.  You have a majority leader.  You crack people into line.  You go to them and you say, you’re an embarrassment to the Republican Party."  -  James Carville

Friday, January 14, 2011

Dude, Steel Is Out But Don't Worry, Reince Preibus Is In! THANK YOU COMEDY GODS!!!

The RNC has traded in a joker for a clown. Reince Preibus is the new chair of the Republican party and we could not ask for a bigger gift from the comedy Gods!!!

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Dude, Two Of My Mentors

Hash Brown taught me the Blues.........

Jr Boy Jones taught me Soul..........

Thanks guys!

Dude, Cornel West Tells It Like It Is!

One of America's great thinkers along with being one bad ass cat, here is Cornel West talking about violence beyond the Arizona shootings.

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Dude, Today Is Allen Toussaint's Birthday!!! Writer Of "Working In The Coal Mine" And Other Classics!

Happy Birthday to one of history's greatest song writers and American treasure Allen Toussaint. Yeah, I'm wearing the same shirt and hat with Jerry Lee......... 

Dude, A New Season Of Bill Maher Starts Tonight!!!!

........and Big Love starts on Sunday. But I need to say, Bill Paxton's acting is really getting on my nerves.
Bill's guests include Elizabeth Warren, James Carville, Mike Murphy, Chrystia Freeland and Martin Short. Don't miss it!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Dude, Remember All Those "Joker/Obama" PhotoShop Pics A Few Years Ago?

Remember all those "Joker/Obama" PhotoShop Pics a few years ago?

Dude, Rush Limbaugh "Straight Shooter" Billboard Taken Down

Clear Channel Communications has taken down this billboard ad promoting Rush Limbaugh's show on a local radio station which says, "Rush Limbaugh, Straight Shooter" and is riddled with bullet holes. 

Smart move.......

Dude, I Am So Tired Of Facebook Wussies!

Dude, I am sooooooooo tired of people who enter a political debate and leave because it gets a little rough. Some guy today was so disillusioned that somebody called a group of people "boneheads". What a wuss. Really. I can only imagine if hasher words were used, he might have needed therapy. 

And then you have those folks who never participate but have the need at around the 40th post to ask everybody to stop. And its not even their WALL! They can move on to the next f@#king Facebook game and ignore the conversation. I mean, these people have no problem asking for special gold coins for their stupid treasure hunt game every day but heaven forbid we talk about something really meaningful besides Farmsville.

No wonder this country is going down the tubes.......grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.


Jim Shutze of the Dallas Observer makes a great observation about the state of Texas politics as we face a 27 billion dollar deficit and how Americans (well, not this one) are being duped. Enjoy......

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Dude, Do We Really Want To Ignore The Violent Rhetoric From The Right?

Rep. John Dingell (D-MI) read these quotes yesterday on the House floor. 
  • Quoting Sharron Angle: "People are looking towards the second amendment remedies and saying my goodness, what can we do to turn our country around."
  • Angle again: "The first thing we need to do is take out blank." The exact quote: "The first thing we need to do is take Harry Reid out."
  • Quoting Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN): "I want people in blank armed and dangerous on this issue [of the energy tax] because we need to fight back."
  • Quoting Glenn Beck: "I want to kill blank with a shovel." The exact quote: "I want to kill Charlie Rangel with a shovel."
  • Beck again: "Every night I get down on my knees and pray blank will burst into flames." The exact quote: "Every night I get down on my knees and pray Dennis Kucinich will burst into flames."
  • Quoting Texas GOP candidate Stephen Broden: ''Our nation was founded on violence. I don't think that we should ever remove anything from the table as it relates to our liberties and our freedoms.' ' The exact quote: ''Our nation was founded on violence. The option is on the table. I don't think that we should ever remove anything from the table as it relates to our liberties and our freedoms.' '
  • Quoting Sarah Palin: "Don't retreat, reload."
  • Quoting would-be Alan West chief of staff Joyce Kaufman: "If ballots don't work, bullets will."

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Dude, How About We Educate Ourselves On What "Blood Libel" Really Means?

Here it is. Sarah Palin and her speech writers are idiots.

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Dude, If You Give Them Enough Rope They WILL Hang Themselves, Like Sarah Palin

Transcipt from a video message released by Sarah Palin today responding to the shootings in Tucson;


Like millions of Americans I learned of the tragic events in Arizona on Saturday, and my heart broke for the innocent victims. No words can fill the hole left by the death of an innocent, but we do mourn for the victims' families as we express our sympathy.
I agree with the sentiments shared yesterday at the beautiful Catholic mass held in honor of the victims. The mass will hopefully help begin a healing process for the families touched by this tragedy and for our country.
Our exceptional nation, so vibrant with ideas and the passionate exchange and debate of ideas, is a light to the rest of the world. Congresswoman Giffords and her constituents were exercising their right to exchange ideas that day, to celebrate our Republic's core values and peacefully assemble to petition our government. It's inexcusable and incomprehensible why a single evil man took the lives of peaceful citizens that day.
There is a bittersweet irony that the strength of the American spirit shines brightest in times of tragedy. We saw that in Arizona. We saw the tenacity of those clinging to life, the compassion of those who kept the victims alive, and the heroism of those who overpowered a deranged gunman.
Like many, I've spent the past few days reflecting on what happened and praying for guidance. After this shocking tragedy, I listened at first puzzled, then with concern, and now with sadness, to the irresponsible statements from people attempting to apportion blame for this terrible event.
President Reagan said, "We must reject the idea that every time a law's broken, society is guilty rather than the lawbreaker. It is time to restore the American precept that each individual is accountable for his actions." Acts of monstrous criminality stand on their own. They begin and end with the criminals who commit them, not collectively with all the citizens of a state, not with those who listen to talk radio, not with maps of swing districts used by both sides of the aisle, not with law-abiding citizens who respectfully exercise their First Amendment rights at campaign rallies, not with those who proudly voted in the last election.
The last election was all about taking responsibility for our country's future. President Obama and I may not agree on everything, but I know he would join me in affirming the health of our democratic process. Two years ago his party was victorious. Last November, the other party won. In both elections the will of the American people was heard, and the peaceful transition of power proved yet again the enduring strength of our Republic.
Vigorous and spirited public debates during elections are among our most cherished traditions. And after the election, we shake hands and get back to work, and often both sides find common ground back in D.C. and elsewhere. If you don't like a person's vision for the country, you're free to debate that vision. If you don't like their ideas, you're free to propose better ideas. But, especially within hours of a tragedy unfolding, journalists and pundits should not manufacture a blood libel that serves only to incite the very hatred and violence they purport to condemn. That is reprehensible.
There are those who claim political rhetoric is to blame for the despicable act of this deranged, apparently apolitical criminal. And they claim political debate has somehow gotten more heated just recently. But when was it less heated? Back in those "calm days" when political figures literally settled their differences with dueling pistols? In an ideal world all discourse would be civil and all disagreements cordial. But our Founding Fathers knew they weren't designing a system for perfect men and women. If men and women were angels, there would be no need for government. Our Founders' genius was to design a system that helped settle the inevitable conflicts caused by our imperfect passions in civil ways. So, we must condemn violence if our Republic is to endure.
As I said while campaigning for others last March in Arizona during a very heated primary race, "We know violence isn't the answer. When we 'take up our arms', we're talking about our vote." Yes, our debates are full of passion, but we settle our political differences respectfully at the ballot box - as we did just two months ago, and as our Republic enables us to do again in the next election, and the next. That's who we are as Americans and how we were meant to be. Public discourse and debate isn't a sign of crisis, but of our enduring strength. It is part of why America is exceptional.
No one should be deterred from speaking up and speaking out in peaceful dissent, and we certainly must not be deterred by those who embrace evil and call it good. And we will not be stopped from celebrating the greatness of our country and our foundational freedoms by those who mock its greatness by being intolerant of differing opinion and seeking to muzzle dissent with shrill cries of imagined insults.
Just days before she was shot, Congresswoman Giffords read the First Amendment on the floor of the House. It was a beautiful moment and more than simply "symbolic," as some claim, to have the Constitution read by our Congress. I am confident she knew that reading our sacred charter of liberty was more than just "symbolic." But less than a week after Congresswoman Giffords reaffirmed our protected freedoms, another member of Congress announced that he would propose a law that would criminalize speech he found offensive.
It is in the hour when our values are challenged that we must remain resolved to protect those values. Recall how the events of 9-11 challenged our values and we had to fight the tendency to trade our freedoms for perceived security. And so it is today.
Let us honor those precious lives cut short in Tucson by praying for them and their families and by cherishing their memories. Let us pray for the full recovery of the wounded. And let us pray for our country. In times like this we need God's guidance and the peace He provides. We need strength to not let the random acts of a criminal turn us against ourselves, or weaken our solid foundation, or provide a pretext to stifle debate.
America must be stronger than the evil we saw displayed last week. We are better than the mindless finger-pointing we endured in the wake of the tragedy. We will come out of this stronger and more united in our desire to peacefully engage in the great debates of our time, to respectfully embrace our differences in a positive manner, and to unite in the knowledge that, though our ideas may be different, we must all strive for a better future for our country. May God bless America.
- Sarah Palin

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Dude, Bill Maher On The Tucson Shootings And He Nails It!!

Bill on Anderson Cooper 360 last night. Facts abound and they are hard to dismiss.

Dude, Your semi daily Daily Show!

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Dude, What Else Can You Do Besides Music?

Suddenly there are musicians in Dallas freaking out about the closing (and one name change) of some Blues venues. There are a number of reasons for the downturn, the biggest being the Internet and TV. Our entertainment time has been expanded greatly. We used to only have 3-5 channels to watch and no computers. Now we can watch 100 channels and see live music via YouTube and other sources.

We must also take in consideration that folks who were really into live music are now older and have families. Like myself they have other priorities and need to stay home more for obvious reasons. And younger folks as a whole just don't seem interested in concerts and clubs with a band stand. 

DUI laws are now stricter than they have ever been. Some point out that this is the main cause but it really isn't.

Next is the economy. The last 2 years have not been kind to the the live entertainment or food service industries. People just don't have the extra cash to pay for parking, pay for admission then buy drinks or food. Instead they are taking that money and spending it on home entertainment.

And this is something I have been gripping about for a number of years and that's the quality of the music and bands I see. If I was an average Joe I would be really disappointed with a lot of the stuff that's out there. People really don't need to see another Stevie Ray Vaughan cover. And they don't need to see a horrible singer singing "The Blues Is Alright" or "Hoochie Coochie Man". I see a lot of laziness and no sense of direction. I have heard CDs that make me wonder "WTF"? There is no thought into production or song writing.

Just my 2 cents. I really don't see a bright spot on the horizon except for what I can do to keep from going into a major depression about all this. Teaching and leading my church band helps but going through YouTube the local entertainment rags is a hard thing to do anymore.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Dude, This Is Where It Comes From

His last words, "Hey y'all, Watch this!"

This is just another example when it comes to raising the level of discourse in this country from the Right. Last year Florida businessman Robert Lowry was running against Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D) when he held a rally at a shooting range where he shot at a human silhouette with the initials "DWS" written next to the head.

.....and there are idiots out there saying the Left is pointing fingers prematurely?

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