Monday, January 10, 2011

Dude, Arguing About Guns Is Stupid

Like every other time there is a killing spree the Great Gun Control Debate erupts. I'm tired of it. Really. The 2nd Amendment isn't going anywhere. The Liberals and the Democratic party will never try to get rid of it. It would be political suicide like taking away a woman's right to choose would be for the Republicans...or if the Libertarians ever got into, I know....funny idea...they would not be able to stop Social Security, Medicare, etc.

The thing Americans should be discussing is the level of discourse in this country right now. Last year Sarah Palin had a "hit list" of incumbent senators and representatives she wanted to be voted out of office. Included was a map of the US with scope type cross hairs on the districts and states these people represented. Here in Dallas a prominent minister and candidate for Congress said armed turnover by American citizens was a possibility. I could go on but if your are a well informed person you know what I am talking about.

Now when Americans argue about gun control we are doing exactly what the Right wing pundits and politicians want us to do. The argument divides Americans even more and brings the base in for a good bear hug. Like I said before, guns will always be a part of our landscape and in reality guns are not the problem. I think even Michael Moore believes that. In his film "Bowling For Columbine" Moore points out an interesting statistic, Canada has far more guns per capita than America yet far less Canadians are killed by them. Very interesting.

The 2nd Amendment was created to give the American people the power fight the Government, to protect themselves and to make sure that guns could not be outlawed. I grew up around guns. A common coming of age was taking the Hunter Safety course when you turned 12 so you could get your little blue card. You needed this card to get a hunting permit as a juvenile. Ah yes, another step towards manhood. Guns should be used to hunt and for sport, not for over throwing the Government or proving how much of a man you are. And in reality, the American people could not create a military coup and it makes me laugh when I see middle aged ex-Minute Men saying the 2nd Amendment is the "Great Equalizer". Please, like you and your fellow wanna-bees could do that.

So like I said, no gun control debate here, its a waste of time. We need to talk about the people like Glen Beck along with Alex Jones who are making money off made up conspiracies and fear. We need to talk about the level of hate being pushed. Do we have the guts to look inside and to see the truth? I doubt it.

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