Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Dude, I Went To Japan Once

The Hard Rock in Roppongi as I remember it.

Almost 22 years ago I was lucky enough to spent 3 weeks playing music in Tokyo, Japan. It was in the Roppongi district which is were all the clubs were. I was amazed at this whole new world since the only other time I had traveled a great distance from Utah was to California. In Europe they use the same letters and English is a big part of the language. In Asia, they don't use letters and English is limited to what most have learned in school ("Jack has a chair") . This was a BIG thing to get used too.

The Japanese I met there were kind and optimistic. The music scene there was great. At the time I knew nothing about vintage guitars or amps but I remember going to music stores and one in particular. The guy who owned it showed me all these great guitars he had in his shop. I took pics of them not really thinking about it. Years later after living in Dallas and seeing that same guy at the Dallas Guitar Show I stumbled upon those pics. I was amazed to see late 50's Gibsons and Fenders in rows hanging on the walls of this little guitar shop. I was so young and stupid then.

The other musicians in Tokyo that I met were great people. They wanted to play and jam but they must have been disappointed with me because I really didn't know what I was doing.  One band that stuck out was a Beatles tribute band in a club set up to look like the Cavern Club. They had the look, the gear .......everything. I would see them during the day and they STILL dressed up as the Beatles while ordering sushi. That's dedication.

Anyway, just some thoughts brought upon by the events there. I hope and pray they make it through but it will be a long journey.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Dude, Here Is One Good Reason Not To Vote For Ron Natinksy For Dallas Mayor

If somebody like Dwaine Caraway endorses somebody you know something is fishy......

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Dude, Why Do Some Folks Hate Public Workers?

Whenever I think the attitude of some people has gotten as low as it can for the common man and the middle class something comes along to take it down even lower. Because of the "cut the taxes for the rich and big business" tactics of Gov. Scott Walker (R) of Wisconsin the debate has become of public employees vs private sector employees. Now I will admit I am a little bias because my father worked for MSHA (Mining Safety and Health Administration) from the late 80's until he recently retired. Before that he worked in the private sector in the mines. Early in his career as a miner he was also a member of the UMWA.

The current trend of demonizing public employees is nothing new. Before this it was one of Ronald Reagan's go to mantras. In the 80's public employees were seen as lazy and incompetent. Public employees have always been a target of the Republican and Libertarian parties just like the private sector worker has been for big business. Again, this is nothing new, yet this go around it is different. The banking industry gets billions in our money for bailouts. Their actions were blatantly criminal yet they are not being held accountable. No arrests, no indictments....nothing. These people not just rich, but super rich and they did it at OUR expense. Wall Street robbed us and with their smug attitudes did it right in our faces with no remorse.

Yet while these fat cats make millions and in some cases billions off of corporate welfare, America is blaming public employees. The very people who protect, serve and teach our children. THESE people don't make millions or billions. So why do people hate them and not Wall Street? Jealousy. You see, public sector employees live next door, they shop at the same grocery store and their kids go to the same school as us. So the attitude is, "Why do they get a great health insurance plan?", "Why do they get a great retirement plan?". Why? Because over the decades since "trickle down economics" and deregulation has been the norm the private sector worker has gotten less and less. The widening gap between the rich and the poor has widened greatly. As public workers' pay has been consistent, the pay for for the private sector has either stayed the same of gone down. There is no such thing as a pension for the private worker any more. Its all 401K......IF your employer has such a plan. And this 401K plan is only worth what Wall Street says it is on any given day. Remember how many people lost their 401K retirement plans at the end of 2008?

Another part of this jealousy stems from job security. One of the positives of being a public employee is knowing that the threat of being laid off is minimal. Again, the private sector employee has had job security erode with each coming decade. In the 80s to the current economic down turn it wasn't uncommon for top management to lay off thousands of employes for a nice bump in the company's stock value and a big end of the year bonus. Most private sector employees live in fear that at anytime they can be unemployed.

Jealousy of the Unions. yes Unions. We hear over and over about how bad the public workers Unions are, yet how often have they ever went on strike? How often have they disrupted anything? Are there bad Unions? Of course there are. It would be silly to say that Unions have never done anything unethical, but these practices have never come from the members, usually its the higher ups. Are there Union workers who are lazy? Duh, of course, just like there are lazy workers in non Unions jobs. Unions help protect the worker, they are a good thing. They are not destroying the economy. How can they when less than 8% of the workforce is Union? I'll even go on and say that the reason why American workers are treated the way they are is because of the lack of Unions.

The Right has done a great job demonizing the public employee and their Union. The same thing happened in the 80's and look where it led the private sector worker in America. Next on the chopping block is the public sector. The debate in Wisconsin has nothing to do with a budget deficit and everything to do with an agenda to destroy Unions.

.............yet the criminals on Wall Street still get a free pass while they do not invest in America, do not create good paying, steady jobs and walk around with my and your tax dollars.  Its amazing to me America has not waken up to this.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Dude, The Republican Party Needs To Raise Taxes On Their Members, Or Cut Spending

I wonder how many people who cry about America's debt are themselves in massive debt. Like the Republican party which is the hole millions of dollars. Now of course the GOP will say its in debt because contributions are down..........mmmmm.....

Lets see, America is in the hole because we spend too much, the Republican party owns millions because they are not taking in enough money......

Do you see where I'm going with this?

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Dude, This is What They Do (The Huckster Is Still At It)

So two weeks ago the Huckster said that the Republican Party and the Tea Baggers needed to get away from the whole birther thing......although he didn't come out and say President Obama was born in America.

But you see there are ways of getting around this  while still giving a little wink to the radical right......

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Dude, I Love Canada And Its People, They Know The Truth About Fox News

Let me show you why Canadians are such smart people.

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Dude, People Don't Hate Unions When The Truth Comes Out

........and they understand the challenges teachers face along with public employees.......or maybe they know that collective bargaining is a right. Its funny, but there is plenty of hypocrisy on the Right with Conservatives and Libertarians. You see, they cry about people's rights being taken away but only when it suits their cause. Never mind the fact that a right....IS a right. You take the good with the bad. That's life.

Gov Scott Walker is losing ground and support. Are people seeing Unions in a bad light? Are they starting to realize that "trickle down" economics is a failed idea? Are they starting to see that big business isn't investing is America but its own pocket books? I hope so.

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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Dude, When An Idiot Tries To Sound Smart

Got this gem off of Facebook. 

"You have to also take in the laws of unanticipated consequences. Since energy or matter can't be created or destroyed, what might happen if barriers are erected between the sun and the ground? If too many were built, we might not have sunlight to grow vegetables. Or the earth might be too cool to support plant life or subterranean animal life. Think about that."

So this brainiac thinks that if we use solar energy there will be so many solar panels needed that we will turn the Earth into a plant-less, cold planet. I love it when people who have no idea about a subject spout out their own great thought process. Do yourself a favor and get a clue before you make an ass out of yourself.  Think about that.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Dude, The Pro Union Protests Are Working!!!!

Republican lawmakers are listening.


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Dude, Today Is Savannah's Birthday!!!

My oldest, Savannah turns 12 today!! I love you, baby! You changed my life.

Dude, Public Workers Are Not Paid More The Private Workers

The 'ol Huckster is lying AGAIN saying that Public workers are over paid and making more than private sector workers. He also wants to do to Federal Employees what Walker is doing to workers in Wisconsin.

But I can't let the Huckster off the hook. Here are some facts for you to chew on.....

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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Dude, Great News!!! There IS Justice In AZ!!!

From the Associated Press.....
TUCSON, Ariz. – An Arizona jury has sentenced a border activist to death in the 2009 murder of a young girl and her father.
The Pima County Attorney's Office said Tuesday the Tucson jury returned the death penalty verdict against 43-year-old Shawna Forde. She now becomes the third woman on Arizona's death row.
Forde was convicted of first-degree murder and other charges in the May 2009 home invasion in Arivaca (ayr-uh-VAH'-kuh), a desert community about 10 miles north of Mexico.
Twenty-nine-year-old Raul Flores and his 9-year-old daughter, Brisenia, were killed in the robbery.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Dude, Here Is A Great Way Of Getting All Up In John Wiley Price's Cornrolls

I'm not a big fan of Jim Schutze. Like any reporter he can have an ego that runs amok. I mean, when you are a reporter with an elaborate home page photo that goes with your blog, waving at the little people from your laptop balcony can't be too far behind. But he does have a great idea on how to either drive John Wiley Price out of office or maybe just drive him crazy enough to do something real stupid.

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Dude, "I Sell Guns To The Arabs, I Sell Dynamite To The Jews"

I got this from Mike Finnigan who has played and recorded with everybody from Jimi Hendrix to "you name 'em". He is also a very prolific blogger on the site "Crooks and Liars". Great song!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Dude, "School Children Please Go Through Metal Detectors, Gun Owners COME ON IN!"

I love living in Texas. The Music, the people, the BBQ, the lack of a state income tax and sometimes the ridiculous makes living here a joy. Take this little tidbit I read at the Talking Points Memo website. Apparently, concealed hand gun users can go through a special check point at the State Capitol that is fast and convenient. Yessiree......getting into the Capitol is easier if you have a 9mm then if you are a 6th grader because tourists and children still need to go through the metal detectors.

God Bless Texas....oh....and click on RED.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Dude, I'll Be Pissed About This For a Very Long Time

The Obama Admin thinks its OK to give tax breaks for the Rich and cutting services for those who need them? F@#k that........

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Dude, Have Some Town Pride, With Paul Fistinyourface

Ah yes. Sound familiar? There seems to be a lot of guys like Paul Fistinyourface......

Dude, It's 1994 Again, Obama Is The New Bill Clinton

Obama is taking pages out of the Bill Clinton playbook. So sad. Leaving the poor, middle class and students behind is not a Progressive virtue.

From the Huffington Post,

"Less than two months aftersigning tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans into law, President Barack Obama proposed a spending plan to Congress that cuts funding to programs that assist the working poor, help the needy heat their homes, and expand access to graduate-level education, undermining the kind of community-based organizations that helped Obama launch his political career in Chicago."

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Dude, When The Military Takes Over, Are You REALLY Free?

So the Egyptian military has dissolved its parliament. That doesn't make me feel any better. But as you can see from the picture above, we are real good friends with them..........

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Dude, Where Were The Conservatives Heckling Cheney At CPAC In 2003?!

Never mind the fact that Ron Paul won the straw poll (big "F"n' deal), never mind that Donald Trump was a star and never mind that 'ol Rumey got heckled. What blows my mind was that Conservatives at this event were heckling Dick Cheney calling him a "draft dodger" and a "war criminal". Where were you people in 2003? A-Holes!!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Dude, Who Is Really Governing Egypt Right Now?

The New York Times reports:
The Egyptian military issued a communiqué pledging to carry out a variety of constitutional reforms in a statement notable for its commanding tone. The military's statement alluded to the delegation of power to Mr. Suleiman and it suggested that the military would supervise implementation of the reforms.

Now this usually isn't a good sign and the Egyptian people apparently feel the same way. This could turn out ugly.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Dude, Ron Paul Supporters Shot His Presidential Bid In The Foot Today

I'm no fan of Cheney or Rumey. As a matter of fact, both should have been tried for war crimes. But they are still well respected in the Republican party and what Ron Paul supporters did today at CPAC just sunk whatever sliver of a chance he had at being a candidate for President.

Of course, I love it. Both sides are acting like total asses.........

Dude, Dallas Tea Party Leader Phillip Dennis Is A Grade "A"........

I have a hard time dealing with birthers. In other words, people who still think President Obama was not born in this country. I also have a hard time with those who think he is a Muslim. Not because being a Muslim is bad, but because its not true. But the worst are those who lead and still question both, his birth right AND religious beliefs by saying, "I really don't know." Take for example Dallas Tea Party leader Phillip Dennis who last night stated on Hard Ball with Chris Matthews that he didn't know it Obama was a Muslim or not. If he indeed is an intelligent human being and a leader he is just flat out lying to keep up the misinformation for his own gain.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Dude, We Can Give Tax Cuts To The Rich While The Poor Is Left In the Cold, Literally.

This is just sad. President Obama wants to cut funding from a heating aid program for the poor by half yet the rich get their tax cuts and corporations continue to get their own type of welfare. God Bless America.

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Dude, The GOP Conspiracy, "No" To Job Creation

Now all I heard last year was that the Republicans needed to take over Congress so they could create jobs. Remember? Well, it seems they have other priorities. 

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Monday, February 7, 2011

Dude, The Super Bowl Conspiracy!

OK, there is no conspiracy but the best view numbers I get with this blog is when "Conspiracy" is in the title of a post..........go figure.

This post is about the Super Bowl, however. I thought it was a great game. In the mid to late 80's the games sucked. Most of the time the contest was over by half time. I don't know what has changed, the salary cap maybe but the games are much better. And as most of us who follow football know, when you give up the ball you will probably loose like the Steelers did last night.

But the big bitch is about the half time "show". I'm not surprised, people have always bitched about them. On Facebook most of my "friends" are musicians and roots music based ones at that so the Black Eyed Peas would only win over their hearts if Fergi did a Johnny Cash/Aretha Franklin medley almost identical to the originals. Come on guys, you know its true. I've also heard complaints about the sound. Since when has live TV ever got the sound RIGHT? Seriously, Saturday Night Live still can't do it so what makes you think a yearly event on a portable stage in the middle of a football field can? And posers? Sheeeeet, the Peas are not the only posers out there and they are definitely not the first or last. I have seen 50 year old, no name posers playing over hyped and lame country/rock songs. The Pop world doesn't not hold the card on that big time act of douche baggery. Even cruise ships have them.....believe me.

You can say, "But dude, even bloggers and the media are saying it sucked." and that is true but you know what? THEY ALWAYS HAVE! Even the best half time show in Super Bowl history, the one with Prince got some bad reviews.

It may surprise some of you but the NFL really doesn't care about a small niche, they care about the masses. Last night my 11 year daughter was happy to see the Black Eyed Peas and even Dale Hansen, who is a major ass I know, said he thought it was a great show.  The half time committee wants to reach out to the masses. And they do every year. If a jackass and a monkey wearing space suits are popular then be prepared to see them at half time on a lighted stage shaped like a heart. So let's move on and watch videos of old rockers and bluesmen on YouTube. Shall we?

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Dude, Gary Moore Has Passed

I was a fan of his Rock stuff, not so much with the Blues stuff. He slid into Thin Lizzy without a problem. That should tell you how good he was.

RIP Gary.

Dude, Forget About Jerry Jones, Who Did The Weather REALLY Hurt?

The Evil Jerry Jones

There is a lot of hate directed to Jerry Jones and he feeds off of it. And whether you like it or not, next to Roger Goodell he is probably the most powerful person in the NFL. The Cowboys are one of the top earners as far as teams go and most popular nationally.

And here is a news flash......I'm sure Jerry hasn't been hurt by the weather this week. For decades the NFL has had the Super Bowl in cities that had mild winter weather like Miami, New Orleans, Tempe and Los Angeles. That trend has been abandoned the last decade and there are Super Bowls planned in cold weather sites like Indianapolis and New Jersey. You can bet they will be back to Arlington so Jerry Jones isn't all that worried. There will be a record crowd attending and seeing that the teams are franchise giants the TV ratings will be huge too. Dr. Evil will be happy tomorrow.

But while some of you are enjoying JJ's possible embarrassment we really need to think about the thousands of folks and businesses who lost a large amount of cash this week, not only from the Super Bowl but just regular income. A number of my fellow musicians had gigs cancel because restaurants and bars closed. You have to also think about the other folks who work in those establishments. They lost money as well. Limo services, taxies, vendors, etc all lost money. Economically the storm on Tuesday was a disaster. It hurt regular, hard working folks and in reality didn't hurt Jerry Jones. He still has more money than any of us could even fathom. He will get another huge pay day and Super Bowl in the future.

So my heart goes out to those who were hoping to make some extra cash that a big event like this brings. I hope you can at least pay the rent this month because my favorite weather man says more ice is coming mid week.

Enjoy the game.

Dude, Happy Birthday Ronnie R.

Today is Ronald Reagan's birthday. Thankfully his face isn't on any American currency or on the side of some mountain.........only airports and highways. That way I can land on him and drive over him.

God Bless America.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Dude, Today I'm Reminded That The Super Bowl Is A Rich Man's Game

My neighborhood is in the flight path for Love Field here in Dallas. Because of the weather Southwest, American and Continental have pretty much canceled most of their flights but that hasn't stopped the private jets from coming in.

After coming back from Star-bucks and a little shopping (tonight I make my first attempt at Shepherds Pie),  the girls and I went out into the front yard to have some fun. Private jet after private jet flew over the house at about 2,000. Savannah and I started playing a game guessing who was in each one. Taylor Swift! Prince! Hannah Montana! The Black Eyed Peas!!! Some Rich Dude!!!!!

About 20 minutes later she asked, "Why would they all come here?"

"For the Super Bowl". I told her.

"Why is it a big deal?"

HA! "I really don't know honey."

I finally realized that it's really a rich man's event and the "other folk" get to watch it on TV. But I also realized that considering the cost of the tickets, especially the ones that only get you into a tent OUTSIDE the stadium its also a matter "a fool and his money"and the rest of us. I can deal with that.......

Dude, Some People Never Change

I was reminded this morning that when people are dumb asses when you are growing up with them they are probably the same now. And when they have to bring up high school....well, they just need to get a life.

Have a nice life processing sewage, Tracy!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Dude, I Almost Forgot, The Boyacks Have A Birthday Today

Happy Birthday Biscuit!! Two years old today!!

Dude, Here Is One For All You Conspiracy Folks Out There

MuBARAK and BARAK Obama?!!!

Its a set up I tell you!!! Hurry, tell Alex Jones!!!!

Dude, This Weather Is Cool, Really Cool.

Well I haven't blogged much because the family is all home and my attention is geared towards them. So...........

I can't really remember a cold snap like this since I've lived here which has been since 1991. Last year was the snow storm of the century with a foot of the white stuff. It was fun watching the snow come down but the power being out sucked.....REALLY sucked!

Now I love this stuff. Not just the cold weather but "events". This year we get the coldest temps which just might break records tonight. It is truly is an event we will remember. As I sit here now the power is on, the heater is working and we are all cozy.

I also so love the thunderstorms that come through in the spring. The excitement of the newscasters and weather folks as they talk about possible tornados in the area can be addicting. Of course, I am one of those people who think "it will never happen to me" as far as tornados are concerned. The reality sets in though when the tornado sirens come on. Being raised in Utah I have never heard that before and I can imagine the fear I feel is similar to the fear people of London felt in WWII when the German Blitzkrieg flew over.

.....but for now the fire is going in the fireplace, Sarah is playing "kitchen", my wife is "working from home" (lol....I always laugh when people say they are doing that....yeah right) and Savannah is watching TV........... yeah, this weather is pretty cool.

Monday, January 31, 2011

Dude, Being Tough On Crime Has A Price

Republican lawmakers who ran on a "tough on crime" platform are now trying to find ways to pay for it. I have a one solution, legalize cannabis. They have another, let offenders out early.

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Dude, Where Are The Job Creation Bills?

Right now there are 28 bills in Congress to repeal the Patient Protection Act and not one to help create jobs........

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Dude, Do We Really Have To Drill EVERYWHERE?

I support oil and gas exploration but there has to be a limit. We also need to think about the environment God has provided.

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Dude, We Have Guests Coming, Don't Act Like A Bunch Of Pansies.

So here comes another cold front to North Texas and with it a 100% chance of precipitation. At least that is what WFAA's Steve McCauley said last night. You see, most of the time they are wrong or the "horror" of the event is why over done. So Tuesday night we could have a weather event that paralyzes the area......or not.

Now coming with the cold weather are Green Bay and Pittsburgh fans to see their teams in the stadium Jerry Jones built. To them this type of weather is nothing. Heck, I bet  the "Cheese Heads" even bitch that the outdoor swimming pools in the area hotels are not open. They wear shorts in this stuff! So we have to "buck up" and not whine and cry about it. We are supposed to be tough Texans. Remember J.R.? Remember the Alamo? OK, we lost the Alamo but my point is I don't want to hear these Yankees laughing at us about a little ice. It's embarrassing, especially when I see these dorks in big cowboy hats and big pickup trucks going down I-30 sideways crying, "I coming to play on your team in heaven Coach Landry!!"

Please, I have live here too. We are Texans, lets act like it.

Dude, Some Sunday Gospel For Ya From The 5th Beatle

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Dude, In 1925 A Black Man Was Lynched In Price, Utah

As a lot of you know I grew up in Utah, a small community called Carbon County. I was born in Price (that's where the hospital was) and my home was in Helper. Carbon County was full of coal mines and the Rio Grand Railroad. The coal mined there and the Rio Grand that transported it to Geneva Steel 70 miles north in Vineyard, Utah helped the war effort in the Pacific during WWII. I am very proud of that fact and that my ancestors were a part of it.

But there is one thing I am not proud of.

In 1925 the last known Black man to be lynched in the Western United States was done so in Price. Witnesses at the time said that Robert Marshall shot a guard five times and others said he didn't. Either way he never got a fair trial. The 11 suspects arrested for the lynching were released because no one would identify them even though over 1,000 people showed up, some with picnic lunches.

Today there are those in Carbon County who get pissed off when this is brought up. Even back in 1998 when the New York Times did a story on the event Sun Advocate publisher Kevin Ashby called the reconciliation ceremony planned that year a slap in the face to the community by making Marshall a "a martyr out of a murderer.''  Wow, 73 years later and people were still lynching him.

Look, there are some things that you can't cover up and forget. This is just one of them.

(Thanks to my sister Brenda for the New York Times link that you can view by clicking RED.)

Friday, January 28, 2011

Dude, I Can Predict The Future!!! Or Is It Already Happening?

The Republicans will try to give credit to George W. Bush for the uprisings in the Middle East because he invaded Iraq and supposedly spread Democracy. 

Dude, Challenger Anniversary And The Republican Canonization Of Reagan

On January 28th 1986 I was on my way to morning classes at a small community
college where I grew up. That's what I was doing when the Challenger Shuttle blew
up shortly after launch. Seven Astronauts died that day including school teacher Christa

Now my friend Ricky Stevens reminded myself and his other Facebook friends
about the tragedy and wondered if we remembered what we were doing when
we heard the news. Of Course, one of his undaunting Conservative friends stated
that he felt McAuliffe was just a "publicity prop" but that Reagan's announcement
of the event was what he remembered favorably. Here is the line that makes every
Republican cry;

The crew of the space shuttle Challenger honored us by the manner in 
which they lived their lives. We will never forget them, nor the last time we 
saw them, this morning, as they prepared for their journey and waved 
good-bye and "slipped the surly bonds of earth" to "touch the face of God."

Now that is some pretty good stuff I will admit. However, I wonder why Reagan 
gets a pass for putting up the "publicity prop". It was 1986 and he was a year 
into his second term. Do you think Obama would get the same pass or would 
his Administration be accused of using a unqualified person to bolster the space 

Now let me make this clear, I don't think Christa was over her head. She pasted 
the tests that all astronauts have to and she trained with them. To me she was just 
as capable as any of the scientists on the shuttle and would have been a great 
ambassador to our nation's school children, encouraging them to seek careers 
in science. A "publicity prop"? Hardly.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Dude, The founding Fathers Did Not Free Slaves And Russia Did Not Win The Space Race!!


Michele Bachmann and Sarah Palin are a couple of winners aren't they? I an getting so sick and tired of these two idiots trying to rewrite history. This just proves what type of politicians America is voting into office and why as a country we are screwed.