Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Why Working Families Still Suffer With A Democrat Prez

Tonight Ed Schulz announced that he is moving from his weeknight MSNBC 8pm slot to Saturdays and Sundays. Of course he says he volunteered to move but we all know that's not true. Nobody in their right mind in that business gives up a prime time slot to go to where the beginners sharpen their craft.

So I bet you are guessing it's because his viewership is down.......they are leaving in droves? Nope, his ratings are solid. As a matter of fact he is the 2nd highest rated show on a network that is gaining ground on CNN and it's Right Wing rival Fox News. It seems and I have noticed as well that a guy who fights for American workers and the middle class has no place in the Left Wing haven that we call MSNBC. That seems weird, right? That seems f@#ked up, really, and I am not surprised. The middle class has been so dismantled and destroyed that it's power isn't even relevant to Democrat leaders and it's media. And it hasn't even hit rock bottom yet.

I'm afraid that Democrats in Congress and President Obama are leaving us behind as well. Let's face it, the GOP has NEVER been on the side of the American worker. History proves that and the new budget proposed by Paul Ryan reenforces it. And now we don't even have the Democratic party, a party that we helped build.

The fight for the Middle Class is been put to bed to bring in an elitist and wonkish Liberal attitude that is filled with commentators who have never picked up a shovel or walked a picket line. Fresh out of college Harvard grads who have no idea who John L. Lewis is or how men died making the workplace safer. It sickens me. Who are these Democrats?

So in the end, the labor force in the great US of A is still on it's own. Maybe someday we will get to the point that things will get so bad that a Labor Party will emerge. And please, don't start with the Communist garbage. The pro-Union men I grew up with hated Communism and everything it stood for. In the end it is about getting a fair wage for a days work. Getting back job security and a pension for your dedication and hard work. Being able to spend time with your family and the VALUE of family. Do yourself a favor and read books and speeches by Union organizers 120 years ago. It was all about the family unit that they were defending. Sadly, we may need to fight the same war.....again. I see it in our future.

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