Saturday, March 9, 2013

I Am Off of Facebook

Well, I did it. I am no longer on Facebook. I did it on a whim actually. I finally got tired of the ass kissing, political stupidity and stupid photos. I know, I guess I could have ignored it but if you know me, I just can't. 

I have friends I will miss and some I won't. In person they are great, on Facebook they bug the shit out of me. It's like when you get out of your parent's house and move in your first place with your best friend only to find out that they get on your nerves and you can't stand them. We have all been there.....or most of us have. That relationship is changed forever. 

And then there are the whiners........Jesus H. many WHINERS. The ones who will complain about the stupidest shit to get sympathy comments. And the worst part is that it comes from grown men. The same guys who talk shit and act like bad asses but the first time someone hurts their feelings they cry like a teenage girl who has had her iPhone taken away. Pathetic. 

Then there are the folks who think every negative comment is about them and they have to ask, "What do you mean by that?" Nothing. It wasn't about you....."Lighten up, Francis." I was tired of watching opportunists post and brag about their gigs and triumphs that were at best amateur. 

And the photos.......between the cat photos and somebody's obsession of some guy who dyes his facial hair and kisses another guy's ass in a vain attempt at purging his fans.......I better stop there. 

Lastly, I was tired of being the guy who was entertaining everyone with my hot opinions and entering the Coliseum for bloody battles about morality, politics and the things I mentioned above. Funny thing, some dickhead would be sending "Go get 'em, Pat!!" messages privately then unfriending me citing my "negativity and bullying". Come on you jerk, unfriending me wasn't about that and you know it. 

So there you go, so long Facebook. I'll get my dirt the old fashion way, on Sunday mornings from my bass player.  

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