Monday, March 11, 2013

Sing the Blues White Man

I started really singing about 2-3 years ago. I forgot the exact date. I know it was the first closing of Rick and Tracy Yost's club, Pearl. I decided at the spur of the moment (yeah, I do that) to just start the song "The Love I Want" as I got up on stage with my bandmates Kevin Schermerhorn and Drew Allain. I did it solo and pretty much nailed it shocking a few folks in the process. I had tried singing before but was put down by the guys I was in a band with at the time. That experience put me in a hole vocally that took me 20 years to get out of. But I'm glad I finally did. Over time the added confidence has helped me build up a catalog of over 25 songs.

So.....why does the week before my monthly gig at the Goat always seem to be filled with dread and anxiety? I get nervious, I don't want to work on the songs, I don't even want to do the gig hoping somehow a natural disaster like a sink hole will cancel it. Yeah, I know what it is. It's just me being a wimp. I'll get through it. When I show up with my gear all that will disappear. It always does.

Monday, that's today........and my "Week of Fear" begins. But I'm not on that mistress Facebook that has taken so much quality time away from my music and family. I WILL work on my singing. I will work on finding more songs to play. I will NOT miss Facebook.

Sing it Carlos......

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