Friday, February 4, 2011

Dude, Today I'm Reminded That The Super Bowl Is A Rich Man's Game

My neighborhood is in the flight path for Love Field here in Dallas. Because of the weather Southwest, American and Continental have pretty much canceled most of their flights but that hasn't stopped the private jets from coming in.

After coming back from Star-bucks and a little shopping (tonight I make my first attempt at Shepherds Pie),  the girls and I went out into the front yard to have some fun. Private jet after private jet flew over the house at about 2,000. Savannah and I started playing a game guessing who was in each one. Taylor Swift! Prince! Hannah Montana! The Black Eyed Peas!!! Some Rich Dude!!!!!

About 20 minutes later she asked, "Why would they all come here?"

"For the Super Bowl". I told her.

"Why is it a big deal?"

HA! "I really don't know honey."

I finally realized that it's really a rich man's event and the "other folk" get to watch it on TV. But I also realized that considering the cost of the tickets, especially the ones that only get you into a tent OUTSIDE the stadium its also a matter "a fool and his money"and the rest of us. I can deal with that.......

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